The Evolution of a Creationist
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It is important for all Christians today to understand not only the "faith system" behind evolution, but also the ramifications of evolutionary thought on such issues as abortion, same-sex union, euthanasia, and moral relativism.

With the combination of the fascinating lectures and the workbook, you will find this Evolution of a Creationist DVD series to be educational, thought provoking and even life changing.

Use the series as an evangelistic tool for presentation to groups and individuals who wonder what's behind our world and whether its origins are even relevant to modern life.

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The Evolution of a Creationist is an exciting, entertaining and challenging lecture series by Dr. Jobe Martin, presenting key ideas and concepts from his book of the same name. Dr. Martin discusses some of the Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution as well as the many facts and findings in our world and our universe that evolutionists are unable to explain. 

This four-part lecture is presented in front of a live audience, with photos, charts and video clips interspersed to aid in understanding. A 70-page workbook accompanies each video set, with fill-in-the-blank questions to stimulate discussion and comprehension. You can make your own copies of the workbook or purchase additional copies separately. Each part of the lecture is approximately one hour long, making the series perfect for Sunday School classes, Sunday evening services, Home Bible Studies, home schooling and small group meetings.
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